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Our History

Mr. Carter

In the fall of 1950, Russell D. Carter purchased $300.00 worth of [ a saw and a drill press] equipment, and the materials to produce the very first kitchen. This was done in the basement of the Carter home, on Mercer Avenue, in Northwest Roanoke.

In 1953, $8,000.00 in earnest cash was borrowed from a personal friend. These funds were used to finance the erection of the first building at the present business location of 2132 Shenandoah Valley Avenue, in Northeast Roanoke. The Carter family lived upstairs and the shop was located in the basement of this home. In 1953, the company was incorporated.

In 1955, a finishing room, unattached to the main structure, was constructed on the back of the real estate.

In 1957, a two-story drying room was built, joining the finishing room and main structure.

In 1965, fire destroyed 70% of the finishing room, the finished cabinetry inventory therein, and the shop; while the entire office space and residence was damaged by smoke. The fire was determined to have been caused by faulty electrical motor wiring. Damage amounted to $12,000.00 and was only partially covered by insurance.

In 1972, the business expanded again, adding 3000 square feet in shop space. The house next door was also purchased, used for storage, then subsequently torn down.

In 1977, the business became charter members of the American Institute of Kitchen Dealers. Carter Family members were involved a great deal at the state level. The American Institute of Kitchen Dealers has gone on to become the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

In 1987, the company once again expanded the shop, adding another 3000 square feet of shop space and storage area.

In 1998, the company built and furnished the state of the art annex, another 5000 square feet of shop space equipped with some of the most powerful cabinet making machinery in the entire Commonwealth.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter suffered a tragic automobile accident in December of 1969. During the summer of 1974 Lee Ann Carter became involved in the business on a part time basis, and then expanded that role in to a full time job. Mr. and Mrs. Carter retired in 1983, the only two Certified Kitchen Designers in Roanoke; leaving the sole ownership in the hands of their daughter Lee Ann.

Mrs. Carter

Sadly, Mrs. Carter passed away in February 2005. Shortly thereafter Mr. Carter had to be placed in a retirement home due to failing health. 

Lee Ann Carter and Mr. Carter

Carter's Cabinet Shop employs 31 people with an average tenure of 24 years. It produces cabinetry of all shapes and sizes for any room in the home.

Lee Ann Carter was named the 1997 Small Business Person of the Year by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce.

In 2007, the company completed a renovation of  the private residence of the Carter's, adding 4000 square feet of showroom and office space with 11 new displays.

Mr. Russell Carter passed away on May 10, 2009.